Ready to Use Solutions at Tungsten
Built on a high-speed big data platform to enable blazing reconciliation processes, the software can reduce implementation time by 50%, reduce TCO by 35%, Increase reconciliation speed by 40% and reduce up to 10% unsettled transactions.

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StreamKPI (previously LeanBloom)
Predict, measure, act real time with advanced analytics KPIs for operations and customer touch points to improve resource efficiency, significantly grow sales and profits. StreamKPI serves resource intensive industries like Retail, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation, Smarter Cities, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities.

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CruCon Analytics
CruCon Analytics provides "Plug-and-Play" Data Analysis of Veterinary Medicine consumption in Denmark since 2000 and are focused on the consumption four "channels": The manufacturing, pharmaceutical company; the prescribing, veterinarian; pharmacies and the farmer.

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