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Data Monetization at Tungsten
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As CXO, you often encounter the questions WHO-WHAT-HOW when it comes to Big Data monetization? Within a uncertain and complex business environment, understanding these complex relationships, linkages, options, key fixes, structures, and different spatial arrangements becomes the crux of strategy which can aptly use frameworks and concepts rather than formulae (which deal with certainty and solutions) and recipes (tried and tested processes).Generate strategic options and make a choice based on evidence and data.

Your firm will have a sustained advantage or uniqueness in a business model, when it is implementing a value-creating strategy not simultaneously being implemented by any current or potential competitors and when these other firms are unable to duplicate the benefits of this strategy.Finding unique opportunities and solutions is about imagination, insights, foresights, and the capability to pursue it.
Are you ready to invest in big data technologies to provide you the insights and foresights? Don't know where to start first?

Try Tungsten Information Management.At Tungsten, we specialise in helping you find the right questions and the right answers. We are a vendor-neutral big data, advanced analytics technology services and products firm and can help your firm deploy vendor-neutral technologies and monetize your big data at scale. At Tungsten, we help you build systems that provide the insights and foresights thereby helping your firm build the competitive advantage.Big Data Monetization use cases include strategic and operational monetization. Check out these use cases that enable you to make informed decisions on big data monetization projects:
Use Cases:
  1. Move Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouses To Big Data Platforms
    a. Significantly reduce IT TCO and dramatically increase application performance

  2. Build Big Data Management and Integration Platforms / Appliances
    a. Easily manage and integrate big data with low TCO vendor neutral technologies And Speed Time To Know Your Customer

  1. Gain 360 View Of The Customer Across Various Touch Points
    a. Predict What Your Customer Will Do Next, Act To Monetize Advanced Analytics Information And Create Significant Competitive Advantage

  2. Create New Revenue Paths Using Big Data
    a. Identify, validate and execute to create new high value service or product offering[s] to customers and dramatically increase revenue growth
Case studies
Case study 1:

Monetization Through Improved Targeted Marketing - Fortune 500 company, crafted and executed big data strategy to improve digital marketing effectiveness.

Case study 2:

Monetization Through Improved Ad Placement Relevance: Fortune 500 company, crafted and executed big data strategy to increase Ad revenues by 10-15%.

Case study 3:

Monetization Through Big Data Management Platforms: Fortune 500 company created and executed Big Data IT strategy to process 5 TB / Day with TCO of 3-5 AUS $ / Hr.

Case study 4:

Monetization Through IT optimization: Fortune 500 Company significantly reduced IT costs and increased customer focused applications performance by moving traditional enterprise data silo's onto a Big Data Platform.