Big Data at Tungsten
Infrastructure Selection & Setup
The availability of big data creates many opportunities to get closer to customers, empower employees with real-time insights, and improve processes. But to drive business value, organizations have to make infrastructure decisions that consider scalability, high performance, secure, and resilient.
On Premises solutionOn Premises solution

A Big Data cluster setup on premise helps you get shared access of federated information and accelerates the flow from data to analytics to the transaction We help you perform an end-to-end design for maximum availability of business insights by choosing the right set of tools to achieve the required purpose in a cost efficient manner.

On Cloud SolutionOn Cloud Solution

With our cloud services we handle all of the complex Big Data technologies and processes on the cloud, helping you get onto Big Data applications in a faster and scalable way. This setup will ensure you focus on creating the applications that will drive value for your business instead of spending your time managing a Big Data “infrastructure stack.”

Hadoop and Big Data Services
90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years. This explosion in data volume, variety, and velocity is called Big Data – and if you can harness it, it will transform your business, in the right way. We help you build applications, analytics, and services to extract real business value – in real time.
Business case strategyBusiness case strategy

Moving analytical models from creation into production can be resource-intensive. But it's crucial to deploy them as quickly as possible to reap the benefits. We help you with

  1. Reducing data movement to ensure data governance & improve data latency
  2. Streamlining Analytics development
  3. Increasing collaboration between IT and Statisticians to help achieve faster PoCs and overall time to market
Data Management for HadoopData Management for Hadoop

Big data projects initially started with data sourcing from varied data banks thus collection and storage. However, now the trend is changing to focus about managing that data by using massive data sets to make a difference using following processes:

  1. Data Migration or acquisition
  2. Data Processing and ETL
  3. Quicker access to hadoop
  4. Integrated Data
  5. Actionable Data
  6. Performance engineering
Analytics for HadoopAnalytics for Hadoop

Predict – Observe – Grab the opportunities is the new mantra for Analytics projects. Waiting for results over long periods and creating the models over months is a story of the past. With Analytics solutions built on Hadoop we help you overcome both the issues to help you follow the new Mantra.

Data Exploration & VisualizationData Exploration & Visualization

Structured or Unstructured – it doesn't matter anymore!! Visually examine Hadoop data quickly and interactively explore billions of rows of data in seconds. Structured and unstructured data – like Twitter feeds, Facebook posts or anything else – to discover what your customers really think.

Web or Mobile – Share your findings to help even those with limited technical skills explore and understand data on their own.

Case Studies
Process Orchestration Platform for Large Financial Services Firm
The Customer

A premier Tier 1 Investment bank offering a full spectrum of solutions to large corporate, government and institutional clients to their strategic advisory, financing and risk management needs.

Business Scenario

Forecasting is not tied to the critical drivers (not limited to internal data) that truly affect the business performance resulting in high inventory and low profitability. It takes a long time to complete the forecasting process due to the laborious data consolidation and collaboration resulting in delayed decisions to react to the dynamic business environment.

The forecast accuracy is low due to the complication of models with often unnecessary details.

Tungsten's Solution
  • Simplify the financial planning process to a reasonable level of detail say 50 account lines, major product groups and entities
  • Automate the low value added activities through Oracle Hyperion / SAP BPC to free up time for analyzing trends and developing meaningful insights
  • Identify the right drivers for each business to forecast sales. Enable the availability and analysis of external reports on these drivers. Employ a balanced approach incorporating both top down and bottom up forecasting for a rolling period (18 months).
  • Run scenarios to understand the impact on earnings under different assumptions. Enable continuous forecasting according to the new external data or scenario emerging from the market
Features and business benefits of the solution

The overall vision was achieved by developing centralized, reusable, scalable and efficient enterprise-wide process orchestration platform to meet below listed objectives:

  • Centralized Processing Hub
  • Establishing a processing platform to deal with global transactions
  • Generate business insights
  • Eliminate point to point and one off interfaces built with arcane, home grown technologies and tools

Value was significantly added by:

  • Improved accuracy of budget
  • Quality time spent with more focus on analytics than data consolidation
  • Ability to weather uncertainty better with the scenario analytics for various assumptions