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Sentiment Analysis for Financial Advisors in Large Financial Services Firm

Business Scenario
The Wealth Management business had a big joint venture and business was spending an enormous amount of time and money to understand their financial advisor opinions about the new platforms, products and services. Sentiment Analysis had to be used to determine sentiments, emotions and attitudes of the FA. The text used for analysis can range from big document (e.g. Platform reviews, support tickets) to small status message (e.g. collaborating platform status messages) to determine:

  • User behaviour
  • Product feedback
  • User intentions
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Data Re-architecture for Large Financial Services Firm

Business Scenario
Leading Capital Market Solution Provider provides Data Management and Investment Management solutions. Their core product creates a copy an Organization’s data, related with Trades, Security and Custody information. Client has the following challenges with the current offerings:

  • The data model offering is not suited for Data warehousing and analytical reporting owing to its highly normalized data structure
  • The client has built a Data Warehouse solution which will be coupled with existing data model to cater to all analytical reporting needs. However, the new DW solution is unable to deliver the expected performance due to several design anomalies
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Process Orchestration Platform for Large Financial Services Firm

Business Scenario
Forecasting is not tied to the critical drivers (not limited to internal data) that truly affect the business performance resulting in high inventory and low profitability. It takes a long time to complete the forecasting process due to the laborious data consolidation and collaboration resulting in delayed decisions to react to the dynamic business environment

The forecast accuracy is low due to the complication of models with often unnecessary details.

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infographic Background

Tungsten Information Management is a strategy, services and technology consulting firm focused on Information Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Analytics. Tungsten was conceptualised during the height of the financial recession when financial institutions were looking to streamline their risk systems.

Tungsten was formed with a vision focused on niche areas, such as, business intelligence and data analytics, which help bring our clients light in the form of knowledge and help them mobilize their businesses. Over the years we have gained experience in various verticals such as Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Media, Manufacturing and Internet Technology.

Tungsten has delivered some of the most sophisticated, complex and innovative data visualisation applications and has an impeccable record in the delivery of mission-critical business intelligence systems. From the next-generation data visualisation platforms to innovative risk aggregation and management reporting systems to entirely new investment ventures, we have enabled our clients to realize new business opportunities, save costs, focus on their most important clients and hence gain competitive advantage. Our support goes further than purely problem solving and benefits identification. We are passionate about creating lasting impact.

We have used our experience, innovative approaches and insights to help our clients to cross analyse global markets and sales channels; perform self-service analysis to calculate customer profitability; measure return on advertising spend; manage higher volume, lower value sales with much greater revenue detail; and save money with efficient operational capacity planning.

Key to our success is our people. We employ only the best talent available in our core competency. Not only are our consultants highly experienced, but also are creative, passionate, and committed individuals who serve both technology and business needs of our clients.

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"Tungsten has delivered a top notch Big Data solution under pressure and heavy workload. They are very easy to work with, and are excellent team players, truly professional, with an engaging style that builds trust and strong connections. I highly recommend Tungsten and they have become our trusted information management partner"
- Chief Technology Officer, Leading Global Telecom Client
"Tungsten captured the essence of the requirements in their architectural designs. They do not create something just for the sake of it, but make sure that the design reflects the business use cases and purpose of the business drivers. I highly recommend Tungsten and would be only too happy to work with them again."
- Chief Technology Officer, Leading Global Financial Services Client

Tungsten possesses extensive consulting experience, and a holds a proven client track record of architecting and delivering successful IT implementations.

  • Deutsche Bank, London
  • Barclays Capital, London
  • BarclayCard, London
  • Barclays Bank, London, India
  • Lloyds Banking Group, London
  • HBOS - Halifax Bank of Scotland, London
  • HSBC plc, London
  • BNP Paribas, London
  • IMS Health, London
  • Teradata Corporation, India
  • ZS Associates, India
  • Infosys Technologies, US, UK, Europe and India
  • Tata Consultancy Services, India
  • Zensar Technologies, India
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Job Title:DW/BI Tester
Experience:2-6 yrs
Job Title:Big Data/Hadoop Architect
Experience:5+ yrs
Job Title:Informatica Architect
Experience:5-12 yrs
Job Title:IntelliMatch Senior Developer
Experience:7+ yrs
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Sept 2014
Getting Ready for Big Data Analytics for Enterprise-Wide Appliances
by : Chennakeshav Adya

Big Data is fully loaded with challenges: Lack of robust, emerging and yet-to-be- proven technologies, difficulty in finding right people and partners, and blurred and chaotic expectations around what Big Data Analytics can actually accomplish. In addition to all these, one of the major hindrances with Big Data is readying your Enterprise Applications to actually supply the data needed for analysis. Before heading on full force for a Big Data Analytics initiative or going big bang on new hardware and software purchases, consider the readiness of your Enterprise Applications.

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